Legacy Giving Options

We at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes want to help you understand other ways of giving that extend beyond cash donations. Our stewardship ministry reflects the biblical model of giving generously and strives to maximize the best IRS-approved, tax-wise strategies. We hope you will take some time to consider the following giving options.


We have launched a We Will campaign in the Western Region for our most faithful donors who want to leave a gift for FCA as a part of their Will or Estate Plan. This is one way to ensure FCA’s continued impact on coaches and athletes in the Region. For more information about leaving a Legacy Gift for FCA please contact Mark Boyer at 714-841-2300 or mboyer@fca.org. You can also request more information by clicking here.

Additional Legacy Giving Options

Donor Advised Funds
A donor advised fund is an alternative form of charitable giving in which an individual or organization creates a fund and deposits cash or securities.

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Upon deposit, the donor loses ownership of what is in the fund, but has control over how funds from it are distributed to charities.  As the fund advisor, you receive a tax deduction in the year the cash or securities are deposited into the fund.  You then have flexibility in the timeframe in which you release funding to the charities or churches of your choice.  Funds could be released that same tax year or in future years.  Another benefit of donor advised funds is that you receive one tax receipt for giving rather than multiple receipts from many different charities.  Donor advised funds can be set up through community foundations.  Many FCA donors have chosen to set up donor advised funds through the National Christian Foundation.  nationalchristianfoundation.org

Establishing an endowment for FCA provides funding for a specific area or purpose for the future (such as camp scholarships).

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The initial amount of the endowment can be preserved forever (a permanently restricted endowment) or for a specific period of time (a temporarily restricted endowment). The earnings on the fund are used your specific designated purpose. FCA’s National Board of Trustees oversees the investment of all endowment funds for the ministry. You, as the donor, will receive an immediate income tax deduction for your contribution to the endowment. This method of giving provides a long-term future revenue stream for FCA.

A charitable gift annuity allows FCA to receive an immediate gift of cash, stock or property, while you receive fixed income payments for the remainder of your life or a pre-determined number of years.

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This method of giving removes assets from your estate and provides income tax savings as well as a steady, predictable income amount. Charitable gift annuities can be written by your financial advisor or through National Christian Foundation. nationalchristianfoundation.org

Real Estate
A gift of real estate can be given during the course of your lifetime or left to FCA as part of your estate plan.  The real estate may be sold with the proceeds benefiting FCA.

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The real estate may be sold with the proceeds benefiting FCA or, in some cases, the property itself may be used by the ministry for charitable purposes. Keep FCA in mind if selling a business as well. Prior to the sale, a business owner can structure the sale in such a way as to decrease tax liability and increase charitable giving. National Christian Foundation can assist with the charitable sale of real estate, property or businesses. nationalchristianfoundation.org

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“Michelle was connected with FCA when she was in High School and I got involved about 15 years ago as the ministry was just getting started in San Diego County. We believe in the ministry of FCA and their commitment to sharing the Gospel with coaches and athletes. We have seen with our own eyes the impact of FCA and have supported this ministry as one of our giving priorities. The Tom Landry Associates is a great way to continue the legacy of an incredible coach and support the programs of FCA.”

Jeff and Michelle Harper San Diego